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Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern Bearish Hammer


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Candlestick charts indeed are popular nowadays and have surged to become the preferred charting method of many traders. One such candlestick pattern is called “hanging man”, and that’s the topic for this article. It is important to view the hanging man candle formation in relation to the long term trend. The best way to do this is to make use of multiple time frame analysis. Start off by viewing the market using a longer time frame chart like the daily or weekly time frame to observe the direction the market is tending to in the long term.


If the body of the candle is black, this pattern is slightly more reliable and the results will be more bearish. Zooming in a little further making use of the shorter, 4 hour chart , you will be better equipped to spot the ideal opportunity to enter the trade. However, the price dropped due to strong signals confirming it.

Hanging Man: A Bearish Reversal Single Candlestick Pattern: Guide

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Traders can enter a short position at the closing price of this candlestick or at the opening price of the next bearish candlestick. This candlestick pattern appears at the end of the uptrend indicating weakness in further price movement. The formation of the candle is essentially a plot of price over a period of time. For this reason, a one minute candle is a plot of the price fluctuation during a single minute of the trading day.

Hanging Man: Use It to Trade Reversals [Learn How With Example Charts]

The candlestick pattern belongs to the family of single candle formations and occurs when the price is in an uptrend. It is commonly referred to as a spinning top as the single candlestick comes with a small real body and a large wick or shadow. The candlestick has a short non-existent upper shadow and a long lower shadow.

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Depending on the market and timeframe, either of the two could work well. Another seasonality-related factor you might want to account for is the day of the month. Now, you shouldn’t go and pick random dates that look great in a backtest, but look for broader tendencies.

What does the Hanging Man candlestick pattern tell traders?

Instead, one has to wait for a confirmation candlestick to affirm a change in momentum from bullish to bearish. Bulls struggle to push the price higher as the emergence of a more bearish confirmation candlestick affirms momentum shift. Once the bearish confirmation candlestick emerges, bears enter the market and push the price lower in continuation of the long-term downtrend. If the counter force is strong enough and occurs in high volume, the likelihood of price changing direction from the underlying trend is usually high. The hanging man candlestick pattern is one pattern that affirms the seller’s footprint after a long bullish swing. The hanging man appears near the top of an uptrend, and so do shooting stars.

An extensive selling pressure was present during a part of the session which created a wick, although the bulls forced a close near the session’s high. The reversal may not start as soon as the hanging man is formed. Instead, it generates a message that the current momentum may be in its closing stages as the price action prepares for a potential change in the trend direction. An important part of utilizing the Hanging Man pattern is that the hanging man candle itself is only as strong as the confirming, immediately next candle. Meaning, with bearish confirmation, the Hanging Man is a potential bearish candle signal.

With volume you don’t only get to know how the market moved, but also the conviction of the market. Having access to that information in your analysis could add a lot of extra value, in certain cases. Instead, you will have to find the right timeframe and market where the pattern works, and then apply filters to increase the profitability of the signal.

What Does the Hanging Man Candlestick Tell You?

It’s a hanging man candlestick pattern pattern, which means that it’s believed to precede a market downturn. As to the characteristics of the hanging man pattern, its body is small, and confined to the upper half of the range, with a long wick to the downside. One of the biggest advantages of hammer candlestick patterns is their versatility. They can be used in multiple timeframes and with different financial markets. Additionally, they can provide valuable insights into potential trend reversals.

The hanging man candlestick is a single candle stick formation that provides the first sign of weakness. The follow-up candle or confirmation candlestick being bearish affirms a change in momentum from bullish to bearish. In contrast, the hanging man appears at the top of an uptrend with buyers struggling to push prices higher. Therefore, it is a bearish reversal candlestick as, in most cases, it is followed by the price retreating and starting to move lower.

hanging man candlestick

The red body of the candle indicates that the price could not return to the levels at which the trading session began. The hanging man candle does not necessarily indicate the price reversal. Wait for this pattern to be confirmed by identifying other bearish patterns. The real body of this pattern is at the upper end of the entire candlestick and has a long lower shadow.

Scan candlestick charts to find occurrences of candle patterns. The first occurrence was a false signal, a good example that such patterns should be confirmed on the following candles. Long White Candle, formed at a high trading volume was enough to cancel the Hangin Man. Moreover, an inverted hanging man candlestickformed gets called a hammer candlestick. An engulfing pattern is a 2-bar reversal candlestick patternThe first candle is contained with the 2nd candleA bullish… Traders can take full advantage of the Hanging Man pattern.

Statistics to prove if the Hanging Man pattern really works

The long-term direction of the asset was unaffected, as hanging man patterns are only useful for gauging short-term momentum and price changes. Because it is a reversal pattern, there must be something for it to reverse prior to the appearance of the pattern. It is not necessary for the market to be in an uptrend, but there must be a recognizable price rise preceding the appearance of the pattern. What does the appearance of the shooting star pattern signal on the price chart?


The difference is that the small real body of a hanging man is near the top of the entire candlestick, and it has a long lower shadow. A shooting star has a small real body near the bottom of the candlestick, with a long upper shadow. The price pattern of a hammer and a hanging man is exactly the same, but their interpretation is completely different. It is a bullish reversal pattern because it shows that the market sold off during the session, but then bulls came in and drove price higher. The hanging man comes after a price advance, it is bearish because it shows that price had been advancing over successive days. But then on the day the hanging man formed, bulls were at first in control.

A hanging man is a type of candlestick pattern in financial technical analysis. It is a bearish reversal pattern made up of just one candle. It has a long lower wick and a short body at the top of the candlestick with little or no upper wick. The bearish inverted hammer candlestick pattern is often referred to as a shooting star. While it resembles the regular inverted hammer, it signifies a possible bearish reversal rather than a bullish one. In essence, shooting star candlesticks are inverted hammers that appear at the end of an uptrend.

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One can see the absence of an upper shadow and a long bottom shadow. Such a unique pattern allows day traders to square their position to enter a short position. The Hanging Man candlestick pattern has a body that is shorter and flat at the top.

In addition, the bearish confirmation candlestick must be supported by volume if the reversal holds. The candle that follows the hanging candlestick must be big bearish candlesticks to underscore bears have overpowered bulls. If there is no follow-up bearish candlestick, the price will likely increase to continue the underlying bullish trend. The BTCUSD chart above clearly shows that the price is an uptrend in the first phase. However, a hanging man candlestick appears immediately after the price has moved up significantly and a strong bullish candle at the top. Combined with other indicators, the hanging man candle stick pattern provides reliable trading signals.

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