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Confirmation Testing and It’s Impact

InCheck’s labs are all SAMHSA certified as well, which means they adhere to strict national standards so that we can be confident in the results. There has been a large amount of research and experience with drug testing in these alternative matrices since they were last proposed by SAMHSA in 2004. The nomenclature used in drug testing for cannabinoids can be confusing. The primary psychoactive agent in Cannabis, ∆-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has a naturally occurring inactive precursor tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, often referred to as THC acid, or THCa, THC carboxy, or 2-COOH-THC (see Fig. ​Fig.1).1). Heat and drying will decarboxylate the inactive precursor forming the psychoactive drug THC.

Laboratories must report numerical values of the specimen validity test results that support a specimen reported as invalid. (a) As a laboratory, you must use the invalid test result criteria for the initial and confirmation testing as required by the HHS Mandatory Guidelines, and you must use two separate confirmation test definition aliquots—one for the initial test and another for the confirmation test. (iv) The primary specimen seal is broken but the split specimen remains sealed and the laboratory believes a sufficient amount of specimen exists in the split specimen to conduct all appropriate primary laboratory testing.

Brief History of Workplace Drug Testing

You must provide this information at your principal place of business in the time required by the DOT agency. (a) As an MRO or service agent you must provide, within 10 business days of receiving a written request from an employee, copies of any records pertaining to the employee’s use of alcohol and/or drugs, including records of the employee’s DOT-mandated drug and/or alcohol tests. You may charge no more than the cost of preparation and reproduction for copies of these records. As a referral physician (e.g., physician evaluating a “shy bladder” condition or a claim of a legitimate medical explanation in a validity testing situation), you must notify the MRO, who in turn will notify the DER. (c) You are the only person permitted to change a verified test result, such as a verified positive test result or a determination that an individual has refused to test because of adulteration or substitution.

  • The training required in order for a collector, BAT, MRO, SAP, or STT to be qualified to perform their functions in the DOT drug and alcohol testing program.
  • HCG increases quickly in the first ten weeks after a fertilized egg attaches to the inside wall of the uterus.
  • It is not an appeal or reconsideration of the decision to issue the PIE.
  • There has been a large amount of research and experience with drug testing in these alternative matrices since they were last proposed by SAMHSA in 2004.

(c) As an employee, you are obligated to comply with the SAP’s recommendations for these services. If you fail or refuse to do so, you may be subject to disciplinary action by your employer. (a) As a SAP, after you have prescribed assistance under § 40.293, you must re-evaluate the employee to determine if the employee has successfully carried out your education and/or treatment recommendations. (4) The sole source of therapeutically appropriate treatment reasonably available to the employee (e.g., the only treatment facility or education program reasonably located within the general commuting area). (b) As an employer, you must not seek a second SAP’s evaluation if the employee has already been evaluated by a qualified SAP. If the employee, contrary to paragraph (a) of this section, has obtained a second SAP evaluation, as an employer you may not rely on it for any purpose under this part.

When should I get THC testing?

(ii) Determine if the material appears to be inadvertently brought to the collection site (e.g., eye drops), secure and maintain it until the collection process is completed and conduct a normal (i.e., unobserved) collection. Your identification must include your name and your employer’s name, but does not have to include your picture, address, or telephone number. (e) If you are operating a collection site, you must minimize the number of persons handling specimens. (3) You or the collector may remove any person who obstructs, interferes with, or causes a delay in the collection process.

confirmation test definition

(ii) Urge the employee to drink up to 40 ounces of fluid, distributed reasonably through a period of up to three hours, or until the individual has provided a sufficient urine specimen, whichever occurs first. Document on the Remarks line of the CCF (Step 2), and inform the employee of the time at which the three-hour period begins and ends. (3) As the referral physician, you must evaluate the employee and consider any evidence the employee presents concerning the employee’s medical explanation.

Subpart N—Problems in Alcohol Testing

We recommend ordering a confirmation test in cases where a positive result could result in jail time, loss of driving privileges, or if a person adamantly denies use. You may be concerned about the possibility of a positive marijuana test result due to passive or secondhand exposure to marijuana smoke. Research suggests that testing positive after secondhand exposure to marijuana smoke is unlikely as metabolite levels in the body aren’t sufficient to be detected in most drug tests. Marijuana tests may be ordered by a doctor or administrator of a program that requires drug testing.

If the collection takes place in a “mobile unit” or at an accident site, the collector must enter the actual location address of the collection or as near an approximation as possible. The collector must ensure that the required collector telephone number is the number that the laboratory, MRO, or employer may use to directly contact the individual collector and/or the collector’s supervisor during the collection site’s business hours. (2) The CCF must include the names, addresses, telephone numbers and any other appropriate contact information (e.g., an email address of the employer and the MRO), including the DER’s name and contact information.

Expected Turnaround Time

Drug testing for marijuana measures cannabinoids or cannabinoid metabolites in a sample of blood, hair, saliva, or urine. Metabolites are substances created while the body is breaking down a drug. Marijuana produces over 100 different cannabinoids, but only a few cannabinoids and their metabolites are measured in marijuana testing.

Service Agent Y could not reasonably have known that one of its MROs was regularly failing to interview employees before verifying tests positive. When it received a correction notice, Y immediately dismissed the erring MRO. The conduct forming the factual basis for a PIE concerns collections for a transit authority. As in Example 1, the noncompliance is not pervasive throughout Q’s organization. The PIE would apply to collections at all locations served by Q, not just the particular transit authority or not just in the state in which the transit authority is located. (2) If the Director determines that the initiating official’s submission does not have complete information needed for a decision, the Director may remand the matter to the initiating official.


It’s important for you to tell your doctor if you are taking any prescription medicines, over-the-counter medications, or supplements. In some cases, collection of a urine sample may be monitored or directly observed by a medical technician or trained staff member. Monitoring the collection of a urine sample involves having a trained professional check the restroom before you collect your sample. Marijuana testing may be required during pre-employment testing and as a part of drug screening ordered by courts and other organizations. If the test is positive, the next step is to confirm the results with an FTA-ABS test, which is a more specific syphilis test. Antibody (or serology) tests look for antibodies in your blood that your immune system produced in response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

confirmation test definition

If nothing is there that can be used to adulterate a specimen, the employee can place the items back into his or her pockets. (3) You must not ask the employee to remove other clothing (e.g., shirts, pants, dresses, underwear), to remove all clothing, or to change into a hospital or examination gown (unless the urine collection is being accomplished simultaneously with a DOT agency-authorized medical examination). (f) Direct the employee to remove outer clothing (e.g., coveralls, jacket, coat, hat) that could be used to conceal items or substances that could be used to tamper with a specimen.

Recent Proposed Expansion of Cannabinoid Drug Testing Matrices Allowed under Federal Law

The test is positive if the analyst observes pink or red, rhomboid or needle shaped crystals (microcrystalline characteristics) that exhibit birefringence under plane polarized light. This test will confirm only that blood is present and is not species specific. To avoid the positive result in the candy bowl example without having to run a confirmation test, you would ban all green candy. In general, you should treat substances that cross-react with banned substances as banned substances.Provide patients with a list of acceptable medications for common symptoms based on a low likelihood of abuse or cross-reactivity. Everyday substances like poppy seeds that may test positive at very low levels of a drug are strictly forbidden.

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